Diotech'i võrgulehel kasutatakse küpsiseid. Küpsistest saate loobuda igal ajal, muutes kasutatava seadme veebilehitseja seadistusi ja kustutades salvestatud küpsised.

Diotech's primary focus areas are on lighting, energy and resource saving solutions. We provide low maintenance cost solutions for a client, based on customer’s individual preferences.

Diotech's focus is on safe and energy-saving lighting.
Therefore, the most represented in the Diotech’s product portfolio are the suppliers of LED technology.

We complete orders on a custom made principle.
In addition to the wide supplier base, we have long-term experience in the construction, design and product development of electrical systems.
In Diotech we develop on a daily basis to provide reliable solutions with reasonable delivery time even if the customer wants to move beyond standard solutions.



Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tel: +372 53 738 619
Email: siim.soplepmann@.ee

Siim has spent more than four years working on various technology projects. Before joining Diotech, he was a business development manager for an ultra capacitator development company.

Siim earned his Bachelor’s degree from Macalaster College in the US, and from the University of Barcelona. In addition, Siim is currently finalizing his MBA at the Tallinn University of Technology.

At Diotech, Siim leads the roll-out of third generation street lighting technologies, and supports the commercialization of LED-based energy efficient industrial lighting projects.


Co-founder & Chief Development Officer

Tel: +3725149962
Email: mart.moora@.ee

Prior to joining Diotech, Mart worked as an R&D consultant. His biggest projects have been related to energy and industrial lighting.

Mart earned his Bachelor’s from Towson University in the US, and from Cambridge University in the UK. Mart also has a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Tartu.

In Diotech, it is Mart’s duty to develop lighting solutions and investment models that meet customers’ needs.


Chief Executive Officer, Diotech Electric OÜ

Tel: +372 5380 0300
E-mail: tonu.tiirmaa@.ee

Tõnu has over 10 years of experience in electricity construction and maintenance of indoor as well as outdoor electrical installations. Majority of his past work has been related to managing electrical engineering projects.

As the CEO of Diotech Electric, Tõnu is responsible for implementing top quality electrical engineering projects.


Sales Manager, Diotech OÜ

Tel: +372 5341 3610
E-mail: rasmus.rajando@.ee

Rasmus is responsible for projecting lighting solution along with feasibility calculations and drafting cost estimates.

Before joining Diotech, Rasmus worked as a Sales Manager in the metalworking industry. Since 2009, Rasmus has also been involved with event sound and lighting management.


Supply chain manager, Diotech OÜ

Tel: +372 520 6210
E-mail: siim.meho@.ee

Siim is Diotech’s sales and customer support. Siim’s main tasks are related to budgeting, lighting engineering and warehouse management.

Siim is currently attaining a higher education in business management and his ambition is to contribute to systematic development of fast growing company.


Project manager, Diotech Electric OÜ

Tel: +372 5550 5583
E-mail: taras.josiptsuk@.ee

Taras has a experience in electrical work since 2011. He has studied power equipment in Tallinn University of Technology’s Estonian Maritime Academy. His area of expertise involves electrical engineering, electronics, automation, electrical equipment, thermodynamics and refrigeration equipment.

His work experiences is primarily related to electrical installation and construction. In Diotech Electric, Taras is responsible for budgeting projects, leading electrical works and consulting customers. He is also experienced in KNX and DALI control systems, multimedia, communication and automations solutions.



Project Manager, Diotech Electric OÜ

Tel: +372 5692 8378
E-mail: priit.kedrov@.ee

Priit has been working as an electrician since graduating with a degree for electrician from the Tartu Vocational Education Centre in 2006. Priit has taken several self-development trainings. 2016 he completed B-competency exam and became an accredited manager of electrical works.

Since 2016, Priit has been studying Energy Use at the University of Life Science in Estonia. This specialization provides good background knowledge for renewable energy and energy saving projects.

Priit’s main responsibility in Diotech Electric is to manage project budgeting and electrical works on construction.


Sales Manager, Diotech OÜ

Tel: +372 5270 606
E-mail: siim.kuunal@.ee

Siim main responsibilities include sustainable lighting solutions along with solar power systems. Main objective is to promote energy savings and innovative ideas to improve our everyday lives.

Siim is also simultaneously an university lector at Tallinn University of Technology and doctoral student in the field of nanotechnology. Diotech OÜ is ideal place for fulfilling his life mission, which is to introduce innovation to the larger masses.

Mikk Helleste

Sales Manager, Diotech OÜ

Phone: +372 56 158 785

E-mail: mikk.helleste@.ee

Prior to joining Diotech, Mikk worked as a product manager in one of the Estonia’s largest energy companies.. His largest projects have been related to lightning. For many years, Mikk has also worked in the manufacturing industry, for example while managing large steel construction projects for Scandinavian customers.

Mikk acquired  his Master’s degree in the field of product development and manufacturing from Tallinn University of Technology.

His main tasks in Diotech are related to Sales and Customer Management in Northern Estonia.