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We are glad to announce that Diotech OÜ has been accepted into the Enterprise Development Programme operated by Enterprise Estonia.   After completing a comprehensive planning cycle, Diotech has adopted a Growth Plan which in its first stage foresees investments worth ca 801 000 EUR. The total investment budget includes ca 360 000 EUR worth of grant financing... Continue reading
While starting to offer solar stations as a service, Diotech in cooperation to SolarWheel enable customers to start green electricity generation from solar plants without initial investment costs. To order the service, one simply needs to provide a property suitable for installing the solar plant. After signing the 7 to 10 year service contract, Diotech installs the solar plant to the customer&... Continue reading
The pilot project implemented in cooperation with TalTech and Tallinn Municipal Engineering Services Department shows that motion based control systems are worth implementing as an integral part of a comprehensive street lighting management and control system. Diotech undertook the pilot project at the request of the... Continue reading
1) We provide a full range of services from designing complex systems  to implementation and after-sales support throughout the lifespan of the solution; 2) We take responsibility for ensuring the reliability of our solutions; 3) Diotech more than 10 years of experi... Continue reading
In 2017, Diotech has done a great deal of work. We have designed and built numerous lighting solutions and electrical systems. Paulig's warehouses and the Veerenni Health Center are two good examples what our engineering experts and electricians are capable of.... Continue reading


Ülemiste Shopping Centre
Tallinn Sports Hall
University of Tartu gym extensions
Veerenni Health Center
Puidukoda production
Harju Elekter
A. Le Coq
Draka Keila Cables
ESCO Weckman, Estonia
Emajõe School
Lasita Maja
Rait Wood
Santa Maria
Elva Sports Hall
Tartu, Estonia