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Why should you choose Diotech?

Diotech’s goal is to provide lighting solutions that have low maintenance cost, safe and fit in our natural rhythm.

We are able to offer a complete service from light design to component delivery, electrical installation and after sales service.

Public street lighting is switched on ca 4100 hours a year in Estonia (there are 8760 h in one year).
Due to the fact that most of the traffic is on daytime, in Diotech we believe that there is need for energy efficient and safe lighting solutions that enable motion based dimming and therefore offer remarkable savings on energy costs.

More information:
Siim Soplepmann
CEO of Diotech OÜ
+372 5345 4321

Our service process is generally divided into 5 stages:

(1) Mapping customers’ needs and preferences along with auditing the current situation, and assessing the energy savings potential.

(2) Designing a suitable lighting system based on the previously mapped needs and preferences along with the possibility to integrate control and management systems. This stage can include projecting, light calculations, drafting requirement specifications along with the Main Project, budgeting, feasibility calculations, etc.

(3) Designing a suitable payment solution for the customer. In general, we operate with three possible payment solutions: (a) direct purchase; (b) a post-sale energy savings contract; (c) lighting as a service, which means that instead of purchasing a technical solution, the customer subscribes to receiving a lighting service according to his/her individual requirements.

(4) Constructing the installation along with consulting and training the customer, if needed.

(5) System maintenance and customer support throughout the lifespan of the project.