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« BACK · Luxiona Astor LED Up&Down

Astor LED Up&Down is a profile luminaire with an aluminium chassis and is adapted to be mounted on suspensions. This luminaire is special due to its construction, where the light is directed not only down but also up (to the floor and to the ceiling). This creates an interesting effect and makes this luminaire suitable for use in modern office spaces and public areas.


Product Luminous flux
[L x W x H]
5901867466594_plx 7000 1162X99X124 40
5901867466594_prm 7000 1162X99X124 40
5901867466617_plx 7000 1162X99X124 40
5901867466617_prm 7000 1162X99X124 40
5901867466631_plx 10500 1724X99X124 40
5901867466631_prm 10500 1724X99X124 40
5901867466655_plx 10500 1724X99X124 40
5901867466655_prm 10500 1724X99X124 40