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Bari DLK LED offers an alternative to the round shape of the Bari LED luminaire family with a rectangular design. The product is suitable for installation into plaster-cardboard ceilings and modular ceilings. This luminaire has a higher than usual protection class IP44.


Product Luminous flux
[L x W x H]
PX1486901 1100 169x169x165 44
PX1486908 1100 169x169x165 44
PX1486915 2000 169x169x165 44
PX1486922 2000 169x169x165 44
PX1486929 1100 169x169x165 44
PX1486936 1100 169x169x165 44
PX1486943 2000 169x169x165 44
PX1486950 2000 169x169x165 44