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« BACK · PXF Lighting Bari ECO DLN LED

Bari ECO DLN LED is designed for suspended and ceiling mounting. Thanks to its impressive lighting performance and universal form, it can be used in most indoor rooms such as offices, hotels, corridors, shopping centres etc. It is possible to regulate the light beam of the product and the housing and reflector are made of high quality aluminium. Product is available in all RAL coded colours. Light beam regulation and motion sensor possibility.


Product Luminous flux
[L x W x H]
PX1487101 1140 180x228 44
PX1487108 1160 180x228 44
PX1487115 1560 180x228 44
PX1487122 1590 180x228 44
PX1487129 1990 180x228 44
PX1487136 2030 180x228 44
PX1487143 2690 180x228 44
PX1487150 2750 180x228 44