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Foxlight Int-D are very energy efficient luminaires, that have a built-in power supply. Some models reach up to 160lm/W light efficiency. This product has a very good price to performance rate and is a good choice to use in office spaces and production buildings.


Product Luminous flux
[L x W x H]
KLT5-0.6M T5 intd 1386 565x33x29 44
KLT5-1.2M T5 intd 3100 1174x33x29 44
KLT5-1.5M T5 intd 3875 1475x33x29 44
KLT8-0.6M T8 intd 1550 20
KLT8-1.2M T8 intd 3100 20
KLT8-1.5M T8 intd 3875 20