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Tartu, Estonia

Solution: Street lighting

In June 2015, Comlight’s pilot installation was set up on the Väike-Turu street in Tartu. According to the initial measurements, the additional savings effect is a promising 49%.

Väike-Turu is a side street in the middle of the town interconnecting the Tartu bus terminal and a shopping centre with the main street going through the city. The traffic on the street is rather irregular varying from more than 60 cars per hour to less than 10. With no traffic, the luminaires are dimmed close to 10% of their maximum lighting level.

At times of movement, maximum lighting is provided to ensure safety. The lighting modes can also be configured so that for pedestrians and other slow moving objects, the maximum lighting level will be at 70%, whereas for cars, there will be 100% light provided.

This results in substantially increased energy for street lighting coupled with maximum safety, and minimum light pollution.

Year: 2015